Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (2023)

Being open-source in nature, the Android OS has a range of easter eggs and secret codes that let you unlock hidden settings options and get key information about your smartphone or tablet that lay veiled otherwise. In this article, we’ll jot down a comprehensive list of Android secret codes and USSD codes that you can use to access a range of back-end settings, hidden features, and information on your Android smartphone or tablet.

OS developers tend to make secret backchannels and easter eggs in the form of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) and secret codes. These numeric USSD codes take an asterisk (*) and hash (#) before and after them to function. Usually, Android users don’t need these secret codes as the hidden features and information they unveil are not useful. The most commonly known cross-platform USSD code is ‘*#06#’ which works for all smartphones and tablets. If you are looking for a master unlock code for Android that can help you unlock the bootloader of your phone, you’re chasing a wild goose. The secret codes for Android listed below will give you some key info about your device and, in some cases, tweak little things only.

We already wrote an article listing all Samsung secret codes a while ago, but this post will focus on Android secret codes only. I have tested most of the codes given below. However, if you find out the Android secret codes that are not working for you, it may be due to an OS upgrade as some codes might work only with specific iterations of Android. Please note that some network providers tend to block certain codes from working. I tested these codes on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with OneUI 4.0 (Android 12) and LG Wing running Android 11.

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1.1. *#06# – Display IMEI Number

2.2. *#*#4636#*#* – Display device information

3.3. *#*#7780#*#* – Perform a Factory Reset

5.5. *#0228# – Check battery status

6.6. *#0*# – Hardware test mode

7.7. *43# – Enable call waiting

9.9. *#21# – Check call forwarding status

10.10. *#62# – Check call forwarding status when not reachable

11.11. ##002# – Erase all call forwarding

12.12. *31# – Hide Caller ID

13.13. *#004# – Check call diversion status

14.14. *#9090# – Open diagnostic configuration screen

15.15. *#0011# – Service Mode

16.16. *#2222# – Check Hardware version

17.17. *#1234# – Check software version (Samsung)

18.18. *#12580*369# – Check Software and hardware version

19.19. *#0283# – Check Audio loopback control

20.20. *#34971539# – Check Camera firmware

22.22. **04* – Change Android device PIN

23.Download Android Secret Codes List PDF

1. *#06# – Display IMEI Number

This is the most familiar USSD code that works universally on all phones and tablets. Just open your phone’s dialer, type *#06# and you’ll be able to see your device’s IMEI number on the screen.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (1)

2.*#*#4636#*#* – Display device information

Using this Android secret code, you can find out network-related information like IMEI number, phone number, IMSI number, network region, roaming status, data network type signal strength, download and upload bandwidth in KBPS, etc. Moreover, this USSD code also lets you display all user statistics as shown in the screenshot below. I tested this code on my Galaxy S22 Ultra, OnePlus Nord, LG Wing, and Realme 8s and it worked on all except Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Try *#*#4636#*#* code on your phone’s dialer to check whether it works for you or not.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (2)

3. *#*#7780#*#* – Perform a Factory Reset

If you want to reset your Android phone or tablet without going to device settings or using ADB commands, you can dial *#*#7780#*#*. The code will wipe all data, media files, call log, messages, and third-party apps from your device and bring it to the same factory state it was when you purchased it.

4. *2767*3855# – Wipe phone & re-install firmware

While using *#*#7780#*#* simply wipes an Android phone or tablet, *2767*3855# goes one step ahead. It not only formats your phone to the factory state but also re-installs the firmware. Please don’t dial these codes even to test them.

5. *#0228# – Check battery status

*#0228# is not a code anybody would like to use as it gives a few technical details about the battery installed on an Android device.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (3)

6. *#0*# – Hardware test mode

I am not sure whether *#0*# would work on a non-Samsung Android device or not as it didn’t work at all on LG and OnePlus. By dialing this Android secret code, you can bring forth the hardware test mode on the screen. As you can see, you’ll see 18 tiles on your phone’s screen. You can test certain hardware modules like the display (RGB), vibration, mega cam, front camera, receiver, sensors, touch sensitivity, speaker, barcode emulator, subkey, device version, etc. by tapping the tiles.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (4)

7.*43# – Enable call waiting

The call waiting feature is found on even basic mobile phones and keeping the service activated is a good thing. While it’s very easy to enable call waiting via phone settings, you can also do the same by dialing this Android secret code. There are a few variations of this Android secret code. For example, you can dial #43# to turn off call waiting and use *#43# to check the call-waiting status on your phone.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (5)

8. *#67# – Check call forwarding status

If you want to find out if your phone calls are forwarded to some other phone number, just dial this USSD code. You’ll see a pop-up dialog box showing the phone number your calls are being forwarded to.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (6)

9. *#21# – Check call forwarding status

Bu using this USSD code, you can check the status of unconditional call forwarding on Android or iOS.

10. *#62# – Check call forwarding status when not reachable

Have you enabled call forwarding on your device when it is out of the network coverage area? You can dial *#62# USSD code to do that.

11. ##002# – Erase all call forwarding

Dialing ##002# simply erases all call forwarding on your phone. This USSD code works on Android and iOS both.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (7)

12. *31# – Hide Caller ID

If you want to hide your caller ID from displaying when you call others, you can dial *31# to disable called ID. It is a useful privacy feature that can be invoked by this little USSD code. You can also dial #31#[phone number] to hide your caller ID for a certain person.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (8)

If you want to keep your privacy and prevent others from knowing when you call them, you can enable or disable caller ID by using this code.

13. *#004# – Check call diversion status

Whether you want to check the status of call diversion on your phone, activate it for a specific phone number, deactivate the service, or simply erase all call forwarding or diversion, you can do all such things using this USSD code on your Android device. While you can check call diversion status by dialing *#004#, there are 3 more variations of this code for different jobs.

  1. *#004*[type mobile number without brackets]# – Divert calls to a specific phone number
  2. #004# – Deactivate call diversion
  3. ##004# – Remove all call diversions

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (9)

14. *#9090# – Open diagnostic configuration screen

By typing *#9090# on your Android phone’s dialer, you can launch the diagnostic configuration screen in the Service Mode menu. You can tinker with some really complicated system settings that are certainly not meant for common users. Don’t play with these settings unless you are fully aware of the consequences.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (10)

15. *#0011# – Service Mode

This code again takes you to the Service mode on your Android device. By typing *#0011# on the dialer pad, you can access the network configuration, MIPI (mobile industry processor interface) test, and IMEI status test results.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (11)

16. *#2222# – Check Hardware version

This simple Android secret code gives you FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) Hardware version and its revision version. This can be used to check whether a phone is refurbished or repaired.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (12)

17. *#1234# – Check software version (Samsung)

If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, dialing *#1234# will display the firmware version of your device and its model number.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (13)

18. *#12580*369# – Check Software and hardware version

*#12580*369# is again a Samsung-specific secret code that can be used to find out the software version (BL, AP, CP, and CSC). Besides, you can also find out the Hardware revision version and the RF Cal (Radio Frequency Calibration) date which can also be the manufacturing date of your Samsung phone.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (14)

19. *#0283# – Check Audio loopback control

If you think that one of the speakers of your phone has some technical issue, you can use *#0283# to check all speakers or mics individually.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (15)

20. *#34971539# – Check Camera firmware

I don’t think anybody ever checks the firmware version of the front or rear camera of a smartphone or tablet. However, since *#34971539# is one of the few working secret codes for Android, we are mentioning it here.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (16)

21. *#9900# – Launch System Dump mode

For some users *#9900# could prove a very useful secret code for Android. For instance, if your phone is running low on storage space, you can use the Delete dumpstate/logcat option to increase your phone memory by 1 to 2 GB. Besides, you’ll find a huge list of sensitive items too that must not be played with without a proper understading.

Android Secret Codes & USSD Codes List (2023) | PDF (17)

22. **04* – Change Android device PIN

By using this Android secret code, you can change the lock screen PIN of your Android device without going to the settings. All you need to do is to type this code in the following format.

**04*[old Pin]*[new Pin]*[new Pin]#

I checked no less than 80 secret codes and USSD codes for Android. You will find websites listing hundreds of Android codes in trying to claim that they have the biggest collection. The truth is only a few codes throughout the web actually work. If you have a working Android code or USSD code that is not listed on this page, please let me know so that I may update the list.

Download Android Secret Codes List PDF

Finally, if you need the USSD and secret codes for Android listed here for future reference, I would suggest bookmarking this page itself. However, if you don’t like doing that, you can simply download all these codes in a PDF file.

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